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ManCandy is officially on vacation today

Wah! Over two weeks before I will see him again! I was determined that *today* I would have some kind of interaction with him... only to find out this is his first day of vacation... he's gone back to his home country (I did get it confirmed his country of origin, so there's that)...

AND then, I was given some of his work to finish up (just minor admin stuff), so now I have 'real work stuff' to talk to him about. A reason to chat with him when I've had no reason before... squee! I also walked over to his desk to return the files I'd worked on... I made sure I went over when most of the office had left for the day so I could linger at his desk for a moment and check out his work space (he's sort of tucked around the corner behind a staircase where you can't see. Sometimes I only know he's at work because I see his backpack down the aiseway but cant see him unless I walk down the hall)... it was interesting in the fact that there is nothing of a personal nature except for a generic calendar - so, no pics of family or kid's artwork etc. And cute little "tasks to do everyday" task list...

And I figured out that he is pretty friendly with one of my other co-workers and I think she's cool, so I will cultivate a friendship with her over the next couple of weeks... If anything, I"ll have made a new friend even if nothing ever happens between ManCandy and I.

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