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Manga, Buffy and Grocery Carts question on grocery carts

We went to a thrift shop and they have a kids book section. Well I always go there first. Why? They put Manga, graphic novels and comic collection books mixed in. Well the sad part is usually they have few number ones. Today I got lucky books 1 to 5 of Death Note. No clue what its about or if its good. Also Loki Ragnorak 1 and 2. Then two other number ones with nothing after it.

I then saw Fray. I noticed the name Joss Whedon its books one through 8 in one book. So 10 books and during this I realized “oh children’s books half off”. BINGO. Plus a 10 percent members card. BINGO. A grand total of $4.50.


Fray looks interesting. I started a few pages. Fray is a Slayer far into the future where cars fly. It seems there were other slayers between Buffy and her but all lived normal lives never knowing they were The Chosen One.

So solve this discussion. This took place in a grocery store cafeteria. Which I love.

Me: (eating a slice of pepperoni pizza, its really two slices but they slice one in half its a 1/4th of a 19 inch pizza for $2.99 plus a bottle of orange soda). Why did you hit my cart.


My mother: To sit down and its empty why do you always bring in an empty cart in here.

Me: it had my slice of pizza (it was in a box) and the bottle of tonic.

My mother: You do not need to use a cart for two items.

Me: I am a grocery shopper. When you buy you out things in the cart.

My mother: Why didn’t you put the cart away and walk in with those two items.

She was eating part of one of my slices at this point. Which was fine

Me: My pizza and drink were in the cart when I got to the table.

We have had this discussion many times. I think I am correct. That a grocery shopper always puts thing in cart even two items until they are done with them. Either brought to the car or when eating at table. She thnks two items does not warrent pushing a carriage and bringing it into the cafeteria in which it then sits empty.


When I am done and have leftover drink I carry the drank to the car after carriage is put away. It has a stamp on it that indicates its sold. I do put carriage away also. I put the drink in the carriage until I get to the carriage spot which is next to the door. I lift it out of carriage and step out the door.

Who is right?

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