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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m surprised I still have eyeballs because of how far I had to roll mine last night (ETA - I originally wrote “tonight” because I wrote the first sentence last night then fell asleep). (also I really never care if you guys hijack my posts into open thread nonsense - go for it).

Last night I was out and about and this friend-of-a-friend-of-an-acquaintance (we’ll call him Mansplainer, MS for short) was talking about how we don’t want to end up with President Pence. In theory, I agree, but I added my normal talking points, which are: 1) I don’t think Pence would start WWIII (although we’d have to watch him for it) 2) most of the damage he intends on doing can be more easily fought, and more easily reversed than foreign policy nightmares, and 3) We already have both of them! I’ll take just one, who DOESN’T listen to Steve Bannon, kthanks?

What I thought would be a fairly easygoing conversation turned south when:

MS: “you don’t know Pence, you don’t even know”

Me: “no, I know.” (note: this person is not from Indiana)

MS: “you’d never want Pence over Trump if you’d done your homework”

Me: “what makes you think I’m not doing my homework?”

MS: “maybe you are, I dunno. You’re just really not very informed apparently. Maybe you’re reading fake news. If you were informed about Pence you’d know he’d be a terrible president.”


Oh really.

One minute later a mutual friend (a dude) interjects with one of my same talking points - rudely yelling, even! - saying “Pence being better on foreign policy will be better because Congress can deal with domestic issues more easily and reverse them in the future” and Mansplainer just goes “Great point.”

I, never one to be polite when annoyed, said, “that is one of the points I just said.”

MS: “I don’t think so.”

Me: “Yes, I said: If Pence is not a foreign policy nightmare, his harmful policies will be easier to reverse.” Then I laid upon him some of my very manly knowledge about how government works.


MS: Trying to dodge the part of the conversation where I have proven I know what I’m talking about. “I don’t know why you’re so pro-Pence.”

Me: “I hate Mike Pence. I’m anti-Trump and trying to find a viable path out, which unfortunately includes the VP.”


MS: “oh well you’re just biased then.”


MS: “no, I’m not biased. I voted for Hillary, but I don’t think anyone’s giving him a chance and Pence would be a terrible President.”


Me: “we’re done here.”

MS: “what we can’t even have a conversation because I don’t agree with you?”

Me: “yes, because as opposed to discussing it, you’ve instead not listened to me and accused me repeatedly of just being uninformed because I disagree with you.”


MS: spewing more nonsense about being biased, calling me a one-issue voter (whatever that means since I don’t know what ONE issue he thinks that is other than hating the entire president and everything he stands for), talking about how just because he’s a white man I think his opinions don’t matter.

Me: “Stop talking to me. You don’t matter to me.”

This made him very mad and pleased me! My vagenda was working.

A mutual friend later apologized that he was a blowhard, and I was like “yeah he’s a sexist too” and then said friend went, “whoa whoa I don’t know about that!” and the patriarchy carried on.

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