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Mansplainers who mansplain too much

Today in a meeting, the one male in the room cut me off every time I spoke, nixed every idea I raised, and took my idea and barely re-phrased it and acted like it was his idea.

I really don’t like working with this guy - he turns every convo into being about him. We all went to drinks and he kept talking about his work - and we weren’t really even talking about work! He is super competitive and every interaction with him leaves you feeling horrible about yourself. Faculty love him, and I can’t figure out why. He also bugs because he wants to specialize in women’s health - and I wish he’d focus on men’s health (he’s gay, btw.).

He’s a decent guy - but boy howdy do I dread interacting with him.

Have you ever had a gentle confrontation with a mansplainer at work that worked out well? He and I may well be working together for some time - so I have to handle this well - or just learn to shake it off.


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