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Mansplaining troll.

I woke up to a notification from a user named Master Beta, and it made me want to respond with NO. FUCK YOU. DIAF. But I think I should just dismiss him.

Here's my post on the Anita Sarkeesian article:

WHY. WHY are women seen as over-sensitive and "hysterical" and told to calm down about this shit.

How could we not get upset? How could we not make a fuss and demand some change?

No human being deserves to be treated like this, whether IRL or online.

My god, this poor woman. My heart goes out to her.

So apparently I actually wanted some ManThoughts (silly lady brain, what do I know what I want!) and this charming fellow was kind enough to respond:

Let me explain:

The guy (presumably it's a guy) who made these comments is doing it to provoke a reaction. It's bullying 101. They will say whatever gets the biggest response to whomever gives the biggest response.

Hence if you "make a fuss and demand some change", you have given the bully/troll exactly what they were after and you are just exacerbating the issue.

Anita is like manure to flies with this stuff, because she even gives the troll publicity. Which is one reason they target her etc.......

You must have been told when you were younger that the best approach to verbal abuse is to not let it get to you? The abuser often loses interest.


Ohhhh, we're asking for it by speaking up for our rights you say? How silly of us, we'll shut up the fuck up and leave the trolls to it in future. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR LOOKING OUT FOR THE STUPID WOMENZ!

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