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Illustration for article titled Manspreading is like a peacock displaying its feathers

Awww yisss *fans thighs at the ladies seductively*

OK, so The Guardian’s clickbaity framing of this study is pretty stupid but here ya go:

People who extended their torsos, pushed out their legs and spread their arms wide were rewarded with more romantic interest than others, probably because the postures implied openness and dominance, the researchers claim.


I doubt that the pictures used in the study are like the Guardian’s stock image and actually show someone’s personal space being imposed on. Somehow I think that might have changed their results just a little bit.

The good news is that this seemingly applies to all genders so we can all go nuts on our dating profiles. Get rid of all those pictures where you’re posing on a mountain or lined up with your friends in a bar, what you want is a pic where you’re spreadeagled like an opium-addicted starfish.

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