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Mantiques what's the appeal

I assume most or some have seen American Pickers or their ilk. What is the appeal of mantiques which is defined as antiques for men. I have known many antiques dealers many of whom are men and would define antiques as gender neutral in terms of items and collecting. Yet these items on AP are defined as mantiques. Mantiques itself is problematic since it indicates only men would collect them. My mother loves the show but gets annoyed when its just cars or motorcycles. Let's face it most items are rusted out and in huge mounds of rust. Yet they not only pay but say they will make a profit. Oil cans and large signs. They pay good money but should not antiques have some lasting value and artistic value, not mass produced amd made to be disposed of. People can buy and collect what they want but I not get the appeal. Anyone else? Also anyone find the term problematic?

This dude, me, has way too many thoughts.


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