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Marc Jacobs 2013 Fall Line

Today's Day of Leisure® has amounted to reading the paper, Glamour, InStyle and Vanity Fair.

There is a campaign featured in all 3 mags for Marc Jacobs 2013 fall line.


Now, I don't pretend to understand the ways of fashion, but I've watched my fair share of "America's Next Top Model". I remember Tyra speaking of "ugly pretty", but this? I don't know. Especially since Edie Campbell, the model, has a unique and very pretty face.

ETA: It appears I suck even more than I thought at fashion things: the model is Lily Mcmenamy (as commenters have pointed out).

Here she is:


But still, I think the styling of the shoot really distracts from the fashion, and I'm not only talking about the awkward angle, but also the strange greasy hair and Sears background.

The clothes are nice, but I really don't get the styling is what I'm trying to say. Has my reading of ladymags made me a judgemental bitch?

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