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NC's Camp Lejeune-based Marine Kills One in NC, Goes on Shooting Spree in Rural Western Texas.


This happened this Memorial Day, in my friendly little part of the world. I'll be traveling through this teensy little town of Eden on Saturday, as a matter of fact.


When I say rural, it's hard to define the exact level of rural we're talking about here. It's a part of Texas where you literally know your neighbors' business, whether they go to church, how their kids and grandkids are doing in school. You know if their dog was at the vet's office for a snakebite, or if their Aunt Louisa needs prayers because she fell again but refuses in-home care.

You do not know, of course, that someone will have traveled roughly 1,500 miles from his Marine base at Camp Lejeune, NC to randomly open fire at 4:30 in the morning on an isolated stretch of road in Eden, TX, pop. 2,759. Or that stopping to get a cup of coffee at the (not "a" - the only) convenience store will end with your car being fired upon.


The level of privilege we embody out here is different than in many areas. Because we're rural, we tend to integrate easily (after all, we kind of have to, there just aren't that many damned people to go discriminating against) and recognize our privilege differently - we understand that our privilege lies not in being part of a majority, but mainly in the knowledge that we are, in these tiny communities, safe, secure, and cared for.

I am heartbroken right now that the only little advantage our area has going for it was shattered with this act of random violence.

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