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ETA Mario Badescu Review

So I have practically finished my sample of the enzyme cleansing gel or whatever the fuck it's called so i am gonna update y'all!

basically, i don't think it's the right product for me. i have gotten the same amount of zits as I did before I used this stuff and I don't think any of it is that revolutionary.

the drying mask - nothing special, not different for me from Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and smells like BUTT


drying cream - not different from this neutrogena drying zit cream and also, smells like butt and is thick and greasy ointment ew

cucumber lotion - idk the point of this stuff... it felt like a toner but i don't think it actually did anything

cleansing gel - nope

hyaluronic eye cream - it was eye cream? light but moisturizing - the first eye cream i've ever used so i have nothing to compare it to


healing mask - didn't feel like it did anything

spf 15 collagen moisturizer - if i didn't wear makeup over it, i got sooo greasy later on


so overall, i would say try the free samples first!! because this shit is $$$$$$$$$$

NB: i did not try the drying lotion so i can't speak to it however the drying mask and cream both smelled like they had ichthammol in them (i.e smelled like motor oil) so if you get those random painful as fuck deep zits, i recommend getting some ichthammol (or as boybreeze and i call it icky-thammol cuz it's so stinky) and putting that on, slap a bandaid on it, and leave it overnight!


(you can get it at cvs: http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-d…)

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