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Welcome To The Bitchery

Market Basket gotta bad, bad feeling

Yesterday the board could easily have appointed Arthur T back as president and it would be fairly over. Instead they reaffirmed the two new CEOs. Plus gave a rancid "get back to work statement". Now they are offering amnesty. I suspect especially Gooch one of the 5 worst CEOs in 2010 is hellbent on not letting the employees win. I suspect he believes they win and he would be unhirable after this. For the board members except for ATD's allys to reject the customer petitions was jawdroppingly dumb. article They will sell but not to Arthur T and probably to someone with very poor employee record just to spite. ASD based on his "interview" on WHDH seems to just want to do that, his rejection on camera of the signatures said a lot. I will not shop there and I loooove their donuts and pizza.


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