Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good lord, after a 40 day strike, Arthur T has just announced he bought the company and will return to run it immediately with his management team.

Thank goodness. I've spent about $50 a week more at stores I don't like shopping in, and my freezer is empty.

He needs to get the food into the stores (they have not had produce or things like meat since the strike started) and if he was smart, he'd stay open 24 hours the first weekend they're back—people are so in to this—I think people would shop around the clock to just show they're happy.


So many people out of work the past 40 days.....my friend at work, her son and daughter, all with no hours. The son is full time, so he was able to use vacation time to help but my friend and her daughter had no hours for over a month.

The anchor on the local news just closed with "yay, I'm getting groceries tomorrow!"

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