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Marketing Gone Wrong

You know when companies put out advertising that has subtle (sometimes overt) currents of racism or sexism? And everyone is like “how did no one flag this? This had to go through so many levels of approval, how did this not get caught? This is how we can tell there are no women or POC on their marketing team.”

I’m here to tell you the problem is not that they don’t have atleast a couple of women and/or POC on their team (although we all know representation could be much better than it is). The problem is not even that no one flags it. The problem is that when it is flagged for something by one of these people on the team, NO ONE LISTENS TO THEM.


Y’all. Like 6 months ago I flagged something. My concern was dismissed and the team was assured that when this thing went into production it would turn out a lot better than what the concept sounded like. I am not a senior person, so all I could do was roll my eyes and continue to express my reservations.

The thing is done now and it is horrific. And apparently no one even remembers when I brought up my concerns. But we are looking at it again because White Male from another team brought up a concern. So now it is atleast being treated kind of seriously...EXCEPT IT IS STILL NOT BEING PULLED. We are just going to re-assess the situation in a few months. So if/when we let it out, it’s definitely going to be a shitshow. Because no one will freaking listen to me when I tell them this thing has offensive undertones and that larger portions of the internet/our consumers are woke enough to call bullshit. I’m so frustrated.

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