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Beau and I got married this morning!!!!!!!!! And we can no longer use "Vierge" as our anonymous last name. :) So I have changed my name here to Belle Femme, and I'm now on twitter as @sabellefemme. Beau has not changed his twitter handle yet, but it will hopefully be to a variation of Beau Mari.


After a wonderful brunch with our two families, we escaped the herd to make sweet sweet love in our hotel room. We brought my dilation kit with us, so we started the sexy time with that. Our months of preparation paid off, because our inaugural penis-in-vagina action did not hurt at ALL!!!!!!! Actually, it felt really good. Like, DAMN, that was worth the wait. :D

Then we showered, and while I washed my hair multiple times to get out all the hairspray, he met up with our families. Then my Crohn's decided to show up, and I had horrible gross disgusting diarrhea. Unfortunately, several hours later, my stomach still hurts. My lovely husband fetched me some Sierra Mist, which I've been sipping slowly, but the vending machine thwarted his attempts to get me animal crackers. So instead of hanging out with our families to watch March Madness, I'm in bed trying not to throw up.

But I'm really hoping my stomach will not hurt long enough for us to have sexy sex again before bed.

P.S. A few pictures will be posted when I get them. We're in all the pictures, so we didn't really take any ourselves.

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