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Marriage concerns with a childhood disability in the United States of America

First, I will try to check comments but my notifications are not working properly right now. So I apologize if I don’t see a reply in a timely fashion. Secondly, I am working on a long scree about this but this post will be less elegant and thorough.

I have cerebral palsy. I collect disability through my parents work history. If I get married as things legally stand, I will lose my small monthly sum but even more importantly my healthcare. I still might decide it is worth it for all of marriage benefits. Namely, I want to ‘belong’ to my boyfriend when my parents die. There are probably ways to accomplish some of the benefits I want of marriage without tying the knot but it may be hard. I want this changed for myself but also for anyone in even worse situations than myself.

Still, I have some misgivings about beginning to advocate for a change. I fear people judging my possessions without realizing how much were gifts. I wonder how frank I will have to be about why working would be rough with my disability. But as much as the thought rankles me, I am prepared to do whatever I must to fight for this to change. To fight to be recognized after declaring til death with my beloved as still disabled from childhood with my same parents who have put into the system.


I also acknowledge that the current political climate makes change unlikely. We are currently faced with so much stupidity and meanness. However, the time is now to make more of the public aware of this. That way we will have more people ready when activism has a better shot of success. So please ponder this. Spread the word when applicable.

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