Marriage equality is getting a bit of press in the US (which is wonderful), but I thought I would regale you with a story about how utterly bizarre and dissonant the levels of Australian government is dealing with this human rights issue.

The ACT (which is like DC, in that all the politicos live there, but virtually everyone else avoids the place) recently passed the marriage equality act. Good, it's been on the cards for a while. HOWEVER, the federal government has taken umbrage to this and is challenging it in the High Court. Seriously. They're actually trying to repeal human rights and do so at a tremendous cost to the taxpayer.

A lot of the current political debate is about bottom-line issues. Unemployment is not too bad (~6%), but in increasingly casualised workplaces, underemployment is a huge issue. People are having trouble making ends meet, and that is where the policy is at the moment. But this is too important to ignore. Over 60% of Australians want marriage equality; why a government would devote resources to a purely ideological gain is unfathomable. Below is a very nice 3 min clip of the people who advocated for marriage equality and how it will change their lives.