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From the NYT article Gay Couples, Choosing to Say 'I Don't,'

For some, marriage is an outdated institution, one that forces same-sex couples into the mainstream. For others, marriage imposes financial burdens and legal entanglements. Still others see marriage not as a fairy tale but as a potentially painful chapter that ends in divorce. And then there are those for whom marriage goes against their beliefs, religious or otherwise.

“It’s a very, very archaic model,” said Sean Fader, 34, an artist in New York who is single and asked to be identified as queer. “It’s this oppressive Christian model that says ‘Pick a person that’s going to be everything to you, they have to be perfect, then get a house, and have kids, and then you’ll be happy and whole.' ”


I've criticized the institution of marriage from a feminist perspective and people have brought up the fact that LGBTs would love the freedom to marry...why can't we have an honest discussion about how problematic marriage is without one's support for the LGBT community being called into question?

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