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Marriages can be terrifying TW: abuse

Yo all,

I have really stupidly completely freaked myself out by reading seemingly endless threads (on a different forum) on abusive marriages, women who I simultaneously want to hug so tightly that it hurts my arms or slap them in the face for being so blind. One woman actually started a thread to ask whether her husband choking her and kicking her in the legs counted as abuse simply because she picked up his computer. Others married to abusive alcoholics but simply can't ever leave for more than a few days at a time because "they love him".

I know marriage doesn't really make any difference in this in the grand scheme of things, but it's really freaking me the fuck out.


I have an excellent relationship, and my fiancé hasn't so much as raised his voice at me more than once in three years together, and even that was in the middle of a pretty stupid argument that we both apologised for afterwards, so why is this terrifying me so much????

I'm being ridiculous, aren't I?

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