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Martha Reviews: The Invitation

This is not Pie’s wonderful reviews where I talk very eloquently about mood, story, pacing, cinematography, mise-en-scene. This is I watched some shit and now imma tell y’all about it. Lots of spoilers.

The alternate working title for this movie could be called “Will Be Knowing”

Because Will be knowing this whole fucking movie.

Will is played by that actor, who is Tom Hardy’s doppelganger

The lighting is mad dark and not in a sexy way so you know it’s finna be crazy.

We pull up to this HGTV house, and all their friends are there.

Eden, Will’s exwife, is there with her boyfriend david. Will says hey to Eden. Then david rolls up to him and will hits him with this hard face.


Like, remember that time my son died and then you started fucking my wife, and then y’all ran off and fell off the face of the earth for two years? And no one heard from y’all till now? Yeah. So I’m not tryin to talk to you that hard bruh.

David aka Liam from nashville does not care about any of this and hugs will like that was his main man.

Will is hardcore not feeling it.

Then some girl, sadie, that no one knows comes bouncing out of one of the back rooms, but no one says anything, because Will and Eden are both Britney Spears circa “Circus.” Timid and getting back to themselves but still kinda a breath away from embarrassing themselves at the MTV VMA’s.


Will stalks off to look around his old house. Eden finds him and they chat. Will is like, Why you got these bars on the window tho? Eden hit him back with, Oh well I’m a woman living alone. And he’s all, yeah. ok girl. Because, Will be knowing.

So then this other dude, phil, rolls up. David is like this is phil, but everyone is like, WHO ARE YOU? But no one says anything out loud.


Will stalks off again and starts snooping around because, “No new friends”. He finds a bottle of unmarked pills and steals one of them, because he needs to know what the fuck is going on.

So then David and Eden are all, Oh we’ve just been chillin in this cult for two years. That’s where we were and thats where phil and sadie are from. Then they show this creepy ass recruitment video for the cult where a woman dies at the end.


After, everyone is like WTF? But no one says anything except for my man Will. Because Will be knowing. Now at this point his girl Kira, the only black person in this movie, kinda sorta backs him up. At this point I’m sorta convinced Kira was adopted and raised by white people. Cause if I was in some kind of HGTV house in the sticks, with a bunch of white people, and they just showed me video of people dying? I would be OUT THAT BITCH!

But Kira’s mad chill about it.

David tries to explain why what they just watched wasn’t fucked up. Will be like


Will walks off when David tries to bring up his dead child, because nah.

He goes over to his homie miguel and tries to tell him about the pills he found. And Miguel tells Will he’s being mad paranoid, and then SELLS HIM OUT to David. Miguel’s husband tells will he needs to chill the fuck out.


Everyone finally sits down to dinner. Will gets up halfway through. He get a voicemail in 2017 from his homie choi. Choi says on the message that he was on at the house before everyone, but he’s not there. So now
Will is like I got these bitches.

He goes back to dinner, and straight up says. Where the fuck is choi? Kira’s like, oh no baby what is you doing? He’s all no girl. I got this. Where the fuck is Choi? He’s like David is a fucking liar and someone is going to tell me what the fuck is going on. Phil tries to jump in, and Will, who be KNOWING. Straight up says, Who the fuck are you? I don’t know you. Why are you here?


Then my man Will goes AWF. He makes a lot of good points, but then choi walks in. So he looks Crazy.

Gina takes him outside and tells him to start acting right.

He almost does, then he finds another weird cult video, and he’s not too sure. So he goes back to dinner and they are pouring out drinks. to everyone. David makes a toast. And WILL BE KNOWING, so he takes Kira glass and throws it across the room, and starts yelling and going. These motherfuckers is cray. They tryna kill y’all. And girl we leaving. The strange white girl Sadie freaks out and launches herself at him. Gina, who took a sip before falls over and boom she’s dead.


They all start calling 911. But there’s no service.

Miguel starts performing CPR, and them David shoots him in the motherfucking chest. Phil takes the gun cause David’s softer than ice cream. And shoots Choi. They killing everybody.


They all try to leave but all the doors and windows are locked.

Will who is a better person than me, does not take this time to say, I told you so. Instead Kira, who becomes the hardest ever, kills phil. And Will stabs david.


I was shocked that they let the black girl live to the end. So on that alone 5 out of 5 should watch.

But I do think it’s an interesting film, for this particular time. A film about politeness and not speaking up for the sake of being polite. Grief and trauma. And what we do with those emotions and they different ways people shut down.

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