Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(Skip to 0:39 for the scene I want you to see... Had all the trouble time-marking it!) First of all, The Ref is a friggin' awesome movie and everyone should run right out and see it immediately. RIGHT NOW.

Second of all, I am tired of martyrs in my life. Yes, I really am going to hand you a goddamned hair shirt or something with which to flagellate yourself the next time your act like an asshole for doing: a) your job, b) something you should do anyway, and/or c) something that entails common human decency. I seriously just shouted at Mr. Farce "I was raised legit Catholic, not that half-assed, watered down, twice-a-year shit you were brought up on. YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW [martyrdom]."


I think I need a Xanax or wine.

Leave your real, live, soon-to-be beatified martyr vents below. Because it's Monday, and fuck it.

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