I did not love it or hate it. I will never see a movie in 3d again. It was my second and last. Glasses were not clean but dusty.


Does Joss Whedon not know Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are the kids of Magneto? Or the term mutant? Scarlet Witch is one of my favs. Let’s face it she is the most powerful human in either Marvel or DC. Three words changed the Marvel world “no more mutants”. When you saw her untapped power in rage I thought yup this is her trajectory. I can see the companionship between her and Vision.

Ultron so ugh. It was like James Spader played Reddington playing as Ultron and maxed the cheese by a lot. When he showed kinda concern for SW towards the end I expect him to use the term “my dear”. Ugh worst part of the movies were his scenes.

Mark Ruffalo was good as the Hulk but Bill Bixby will always be Bruce Banner. Seriously we need a Hulk movie to see where he went.

I like Captain America and the choice is fine. I would like.to know more about Bucky. It would have been nice in his hallucination he saw Bucky.


The graphics for fighting were way too.fast paced. The openning sequence had too much going at once. Battle scenes in movies should be action packed but not with the fast forward button pressed.

The story yeah Stark played God to protect earth and once he said “peace in our times”. Well last times those words were said world got engulfed in flames.