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It appears Secret Invasion may be the theme for the next phase of Marvel movies. I have to google Thunderbolts. Not sure why there is not a Defender movie since it would tie with Captain Marvel and The Valkyries. A Valkyrie was a major part of the 70s Defenders.

The Wasp is gettng a movie. Fantastic 4 is back. The first family of Marvel although I thought the Marvel comics have completely dumped FF. May the fifth movie be the charm. I am counting the 80s movie that I believe is online but never officially released.


Also why Nova? It always seemed like a blend between Green Lantern and Spiderman. Nova a teen was given powers by a dying space cop alien. Warlock? Really? Isn’t he the closest to an actual God in the Marvel Universe? He seems obscure.

Defenders with Dr Strange leading would have been better. A Man Thing movie would be a better choice then Nova or Warlock. A Dazzler movie is better then Nova. Oh I know the perfect movie a Satana movie with her brother Helstrom The Son of Satan, god that was an awesome 70s series which was collected in Marvel Essentials Horror Volume 1, a fantastic book my favorite Essentials.

Put Helstrom as part of the Defenders with Dr Strange in charge, a Valkeryie and Hellcat also a member of 70s Defenders she was married to Helstrom for a while.

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