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Marvel Entertainment releases Marvel Comics API

Marvel Comics is unveiling its programming interface (API) and developer platform in a beta version tomorrow morning....which will include comic book artwork, character histories, creator insights, and expanded stories—will grant members access to an expansive database of Marvel's library of 75 years of comics, including over 30,000 comics, 7,000 series, and 5,000 creators. This move gives developers the tools to create their own Marvel-based apps and digital offerings.

"We expose a lot of different types of data with the API," Olson told Fast Company. "Developers could certainly build apps centered on a single character, team, creator, or even things like decade or digital availability."

This first-of-its-kind API from a major comic book publisher will not just offer users a list of Marvel published titles and stories—it will also flesh out the relationship between all of Marvel's comics and the creators that have worked over the years to build such intricate story lines and complex characters.

While developers and fans alike can build interactive timelines and real-time updates to comics as digitally released by Marvel to share on their own sites or apps,...."These could be companies that build mobile apps using Marvel data, or even print comic retailers that want to pull Marvel's new releases onto their websites," notes Vincent. "Now we'll be able to on-board partners more quickly and bring new products to market even faster."




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