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Marvel Essentials Rampaging Hulk Not A Good Start

I bought this morning for 9 dollars. Marvel Essentials Rampaging Hulk 1, Marvel Essentials Rampaging Hulk 2 and Marvel Essentials Two In One Featuring The Thing.

The Rampaging Hulks cover all the 70s Rampaging Hulk comic magazines and The Hulk comic magazine.RH takes place in 1963 and The Hulk contemporary to the tv show. The original comics were magazine sizes same size as the old Savage Sword of Conan comics.

I read the first two issues of RH Book 1. They so far involve the alien species Krylorian who are bad shapeshifters hunting for their fellow alien Bereet an artist. Hulk and Rick Jones saves her and she sticks with Rick Jones in issue 2. She can shapeshift well.


That’s a cool hat.

Not sure if they are Krell prototypes or a more lame version. So far they are lame. They are not the brightest bulbs except for Bereet.

Issue two has first encounter between XMen and Hulk. Yeah they fight and fight kinda robotic Krylorians.

Remember how Savage Sword had excellent pacing. This does not the battles last way too long. Its like they had an idea for a single regular sized comic then realized the story had to triple.


Maybe third issue will be the charm.

I loved the Marvel Essentials Hulk 4 and 5 which were compilations of 1970s regular sized Hulk comics.


Anyone recall Rampaging Hulk?


The picture I removed it since its a spoiler but since its mentioned I am putting it back in.

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