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Marvel's Agent of Shield who should Skye's parents be?

I love this show. Not nearly as good of a start as Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer but its growing on me. So who would you like Skye's parents to be? With Dana Delaney's show Body of Proof cancelled I would love to see her cast as Patsy Walker one of the original Marvel characters but also in late 70s to 80s a Defenders member as Hellcat. Skye's dad of course would be Damien Hellstrom who was married to Patsy. Not sure if they are still married. It would be easy case of putting her up for adoption to protect her from Hellstrom's family. Although I would also make the female doctor as really being Satana Damien's sort of evil sister who is looking out for Skye and has a private agenda of her own but still trying to be good.


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