Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I saw Mary Lambert in concert this week and she was basically the best and you should go see her. If you squeezed Groupthink into one person and made her sing, you would probably get Mary Lambert. She was charming and hilarious and sparkly and she talked about love and rape and farts and body image and butts and crying and swearing and all the other things we talk about on GT.

Here's the video for Secrets, which basically explains her pretty well.

Everybody at the concert seemed super friendly and happy to be there and her band is made of very attractive and fabulous people who laugh at her jokes. Jillette Johnson, who opened, was also pretty good and her dad was in the audience right near me and he was the daddest dad ever. Thumbs up at the end of songs, dancing way more enthusiastically than anyone else, big middle-aged dad glasses. You go, Mr. Johnson.


Anyway. If she's going to be near you soon, you should definitely definitely go.

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