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Mary Poppins Questions We Finally Saw It








1. Dick Van Dyke in some ways stole every scene from Julie Andrew’s Mary Poppins. Not a good singer but dancer he reminded me of Donald O’Connor. He did such a great job as Bert. I loved how infectiously happy and wise he was.


2. Was Bert suppose to be Prince Albert? It was clear everyone knew him also they gave the sense they were playing along with him. When Mary was singing in the cartoon when Bert talks to Barons (?) they listen. I then thought Victorian era Bert is short for Albert he can get in touch with Mary I bet she is his former Nanny and he is Prince Albert. Although in 1910 Prince Albert was King Edward.

3. Mary could talk to animals, pop in and out of pictures essentially manipulate reality, manipulate matter ie make smoke be solid. Fly with an umbrella, manipulate weather. She is one powerful Sorceress so why is she a Nanny? She is like Storm combined with Scarlet Witch plus talking to animals I think Doug from New Mutants. I cannot think of any XMen with animal talking abilities.


4. Also her magic seems to spread. Bert has a lot but poorly mastered. She or Bert infected Mr Banks who infected his boss leading to his death from levitation and laughter. When Banks mentioned Poppins to his boss the boss reacted like it was a trigger. Actually more I think about it its insidious. Maybe this is why Bert seemed to have no worries about Mr Banks he knew what was coming. Or I could be overthinking it.

5. The neighbors with the cannon were very funny. Dangerous fools but funny.

6. The songs. I loved them. Lacked the depth of Rodgers and Hammerstein but fun infectiously happy songs.


7. I loved the scenes with the adult Banks. He was full of bluster and hot air and properly ignored. You knew they loved each other. Yet Mr Banks was actually someone who knew he was on the wrong path with his children. The scene of Bert telling the children about their father that he has no one to support him and just grinds away then when Bert tells Banks about one day his children will be gone. Banks truly realized he was on the wrong path in life that he needed to act.  That he not Mary was to blame.

Mr Banks could easily have been portrayed as a one dimensional stern unloving man but you sensed that deep down he knew it was pure bluster and hot air.


I now need to see Van Dyke’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Oh here is commentary about the new Mary Poppins Returns movie very funny video. Good point was made Mary never smiles in the original movie, comes close but not quite.

I hope Bert is in the new movie. Also they need to make a Bert only movie.

Also a couple of years ago 1990s there was a comic series called I believe League of Heroes?? About the late 1800 early 1900 hundreds with a group of superheroes from literature at that time including Invisible Man,  Tom Sawyer etc was Poppins part of the comics? She should have been.

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