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Mary Poppins The Red Queen? Spoilers to MP Returns








We went to see the new movie. It was really good.

Is it me or was Mary Poppins sort of sinister? It’s obvious she holds power from whereever she resides. The creatures and the people who knew her all treated her with profound deference.


I kept asking what is it about the Banks she wants? The Banks had power in the bank by the end the son Michael seemed to have been set to replace Firth’s character. Jane is involved with the labor party no doubt she will obtain power over the years.

Mary also paired up Jack who knew somewhat what Mary is with Jane. This to me was her main reason. She will have a link with their child who will enter a family with both political and financial power.


Mary was playing the long game.

Mary also wore a lot of red. I think she is the either Alice’s Red Queen or the daughter of that Red Queen. I suspect she is the daughter. She like Alice’s Red Queen love attention, loves order but also I suspect feared. Mary does not seem like anyone to trifle with. I am sure the Wolf is in a world or trouble.


Also the world of Alice’s Wonderland and Poppin’s world can be traversed with our world. Mary and the Wolf traversed their world to ours.

It was a visually stunning movie, well acted but more serious. 

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