This news as reported by the WaPo is unfortunate, but somewhat expected given the process in Maryland.

Leaders of the group,, said at a news conference Tuesday that their chief concern with the legislation is that it will allow a person who was born male to use women's restrooms if that person identifies as female. The activists worry this will enable sexual predators to assault women and girls, and have dubbed the legislation the "Bathroom Bill."

"It opens it up to predators, not necessarily transsexuals, but predators who will take advantage and go into the opposite-sex bathroom," said Del. Neil C. Parrott (R-Washington County), who is chairman of the group.

Maryland passed the Transgender rights bill called the Fairness for All Marylanders Act or FAMA as part of the last legislative session.


Delegate Parrot and his colleagues keeps on saying this stuff and it's... annoying and wrong. No evidence to back it, it's just a gut feeling, as Media Matters points out.


Also, it's distracting from all the other good the bill does in protecting rights for Transgender folks in many other important situations.

Fortunately, the track record for progressive legislation in Maryland is pretty good, with both the state's version of the DREAM act and gay marriage surviving referendum challenges.


The next milestone is whether or not the opponents manage to get the 55,700 signatures necessary to put it on the ballot. If they do, then almost certainly groups like Equality Maryland will challenge the signatures if possible and then responding with phone banking and advocacy to convince voters to uphold the law. Fortunately if it does come to that, Goucher University found the legislation had 71% of Marylander's support in a poll, as reported by the Washington Blade.