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In the last couple years we’ve seen two egregious cases out of northern Missouri where young women were not believed and were harassed by the entire damn towns, Maryville and Dearborn respectively, no pun intended. No respect is due to Maryville and Dearborn for how they treated the young victims, calling them liars and siding with their abusers.

Now Platte City, on the other hand, has firmly stood by a high-school victim and called out the bullying she was subjected to. The Platte City story is first, then the unfortunate Maryville and Dearborn cases.


Me again. Here’s a quote I love, though I can’t authenticate it:

“In this year died King Alfred. He was a good king and just. It was said that a virgin might walk naked from one end of his kingdom to the other and none dare molest her.” — Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Seems the Anglo-Saxons could figure this stuff out. Instead of blaming the victim and justifying crime, protect the vulnerable because all the world knows that’s how a society commands respect.

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