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Mask making - things have changed.

There are 3 or 4 products that have changed mask making. The one I have handy is Thibra. It becomes malleable at 120 F. In the sheet form, by the time you pick it up like a sheet noodle it begins to cool and by the time you apply it to your face it is just warm. If you have a friend (god, wouldn’t a friend be nice right now?), you can mold it to your face and they can correct any mistakes with a sponge dipped in the warm water. I used a large, non-stick skillet to heat the sheet.

I just went to their website where I discovered even more wonderful things. The trouble I had with the sheets is that it tears easily so finding the reinforced sheets was great. The real joy is in the beads, they are transparent when malleable. One of the other products I was thinking about was also transparent when workable which is a real boon. Keeping the stuff workable with a sponge dipped in hot water.


In Seattle down on 2nd and Seneca (the building is named, oddly enough, the 2nd and Seneca building) there are a series of coastal native American Glyphs(?) - I don’t know what to call them but they are bronze and attached to the side of the building. I went down there early Sunday mornings with a cooler full of hot water and sheets of Thibra to try to take an impression of them. This is one of the results. I plan on going back to see if I can get better impressions. (I gave a Plaster of Paris copy of this image as a Random Act to a co-worker who had a similar print on her desk).

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For one person working against bronze in the morning, it was tough keeping the stuff warm enough to get a really good impression. I am thinking about taking a heat gun down with me next time when I get a roundtoit. (being a loner has disadvantages; maybe, instead of a heat gun I should consider a friend - nah, let’s not get giddy here). The sheets I bought were about 15"X30" which I then cut down to 7X7 for this experiment.

If I can remember/find them, I will post the other products. I want to remind people that I can’t reply to replies or star them which is why I end up with all these posts that are digressions from my original intent (which I am not sure I remember any more).

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