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Massive stressed - need to vent

Feel free to vent here as well.

I am massively stressed and not handling it well, but am trying desperately to do so in positive and proactive ways. Here are my two large sources of stress:

1. My grant application is due on Monday. I was stressed about what I had left to do and then my mentor threw a huge wrench in the works by indicating I need to make a big change that affects multiple areas of the application (which is over 50 pages long altogether). This requires thought and time and discussions, and there is time for none of that. I freaked out and said we should wait and submit at the next cycle, and mentor seems to think it will be okay. But, mentor has been on vacation the whole time I have been working on this resubmission, and that has made this all hard too because I can’t sit down with her and discuss things, and every time I need her to review something or help, I’m keenly aware I am interrupting her vacation - which sucks. She’s been a real trooper because she really supports me, but her being on vacation means she is slow to respond and get things back. She also wants to have a vacation (and deserves one) and so can be cranky. Her being cranky plus my being exponentially stressed is really not working out.


I just divided my list into: 1) things that require great thought; 2) things that require moderate amounts of thought; 3) semi-mindless things; 4) mindless things; and 5) things that need to be done at the end. I’m hoping that will help make the list feel more manageable, make me feel more organized and use my energies better (so I can do mindless things when I am less focused).

2. My pay was delayed bc the HR person messed up. Due to my very poor financial management and my lack of adjustment to my very low pay, my account was in the negative and it made it so that the fees soaked up my entire paycheck - and I’m still in the negative. I woke to the alert about this from my bank this morning. I have to figure out how to get some money pretty quickly to make my account not negative any longer and to put money on my transit card and get groceries. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate it.I have some things I can sell (like my treadmill) - but given my stress above, this feels daunting. 

Vent away please!

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