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Masters of Sex

Any of you all watch this show? If you do, keep an eye out for this dress. I sold it out of my Etsy vintage store over the weekend and when I went to print a receipt just now, I noticed that the buyer's user name was "MOS (mastersofsex)". At first I was all ewww I don't want to know what you'll be doing in my pretty dress. But then I noticed the email address refers to costuming for the show, and mailing address is in a CA city where I know a lot of filming stuff happens. Hi Mum, I'm my dress is on the telly!

I was kind of sad that it sold because I really really like it and half wanted to keep it, but this is the next best option. May have to start watching the show now!


ETA: It totally was the show's costume designer who bought it, I just read an article about the show's costumes and matched the name. I'm actually really excited to start watching the show now that I know how meticulous they are about their costumes.

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