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Materialism vs what matters

I have two batches of kids. My first batch is adults. This is about the eldest of them.

I got to spend a lovely day with her Monday. She worked with me. There was a lot of time spent in the car getting to and from the job so there was time to chat.

One thing she brought up was how her bio mother just doesn’t get her. There were several reasons. One though was that the bio mom thinks she prefers us because we have more money, can give her things and have given her things.


Yes. We do have more money currently. But that’s not it at all. It’s that daughter knows she can trust us.

Then we talked about some of the leaner years when money was tight and buying holiday gifts for the 4 children we had at the time was difficult. So my husband and I would go through our possessions and find something that meant a lot to us but also fit with that child’s interests. One example is I gave my electric guitar to my younger daughter. Another example is my husband gave his film camera to eldest daughter.

Then she brought up all the times we made gifts for them and how awesome that was. She knows we made a bunch of gifts for them this year and that a friend has made something too. She is excited about the homemade gifts.

So when you put the effort and love into making gifts for kids they really do appreciate it. Turns out those are the gifts they remember the most.

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