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Trigger warning: pregnancy & weight

So I’m starting to show and need to get some things other than the few maxi dresses I own that are forgiving. I have horrible body issues right now. I was taken off an unsafe med, and put on a safer one, and in the year+ it took me to get pregnant, I gained a bunch of weight, and now pregnancy is starting to add in the pounds too. It took me 7 years to get healthy, and now this weight feels like a failure (I know, it’s not logical, but it’s still there).

So anyways, I need to find some somewhat fashionable options (my job is one that requires looking the part- I am a boudoir/editorial photographer, and women respond better to me when I look like I know what I’m talking about). That doesn’t necessarily mean business, but my standard uniform pre-pregnancy was pencil skirts, superhero/ band tees, bandage dresses, and vintage finds. Occasional dark jeans and a tank, with heels and ridiculous jewlery.


I’m struggling to find stuff that works for me. Flowy dresses make me look shapeless (hourglass typically, big hips, my boobs are huge now) and I am used to emphasizing my waistline- umm, not really an option. I’ve tried what my friends and sisters have recommends- old navy, target, etc, but I’m not in an office or staying home, so they feel weird to me. My mom tried to help, but she could only pick out different colors of the same outfit- leggings and tunics. Not really a good look for me- maybe when there is more of a belly- but I’m at the stage where you’re guessing- pregnant or huge burrito?

Does anyone have any ideas of where to look? I’m one of those people who feels better when I dress a bit, and I have no idea where to look. Budget is medium. I don’t mind spending a bit of it’s something that will last until after pregnancy.


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