(A friend who is a teacher tells me there is a specific word for this but I’m feeling too lazy to Google it.)

For pretty much my whole life I have had a very hard time keeping track of numbers. I could do the work on math problems correctly, but somewhere between my eye, my brain, and my hand, I mix numbers up. Say for example I needed to add 115 + 8. The answer is 123, but I might write 125, because I would see the 5 in the equation and get confused.

There’s a fair bit of numbers at my new job. Each week I have to update the dates and times of the movies we’re showing, and keep a weekly spreadsheet of ticket sales and comps for special events. Today we’d sold 7 tickets for an event, but because the number in the previous column was 120, I put down that we’d sold 127 tickets. Obviously I can’t be making mistakes like that. Does anybody have tips (besides just double and triple checking because I try to do that but because it’s a computer screen often the more times I look the more difficult it becomes. Printing a paper copy also isn’t the greatest solution because it would mean a big waste) for combating this?