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Math in our nation

I know everyone is concerned how Math scores in the US are so horrible. This report from December showed us having 29 nations and territories above us, this focused on 15 year olds. This did not happen overnight. Last night I posted an article about the Shining and one observant poster noticed the article's writer wrote 24 year difference not 34.

How did this happen? Math is fundamentally logic. Math principles is based on theorems and proofs. If you suck at math, I worry about how good you are in logic and reasoning. We see the tea party embracing ignorance, guns and the bible. Yet some of the great mathematicians were devout Catholics, like Newton. So religion and math along with logic has historically gone together.

Is it technology? I recall in the 70s and 80s math teachers denouncing calculators. In HS in early 80s if you used one in class during a test that meant a 0. If you used it all during class for black board problems the teacher would put it in their desk. No clue if its still happening. In college the math teachers were lax.


Also since people are poor in math and lets face it we have a generation plus where too, too many suck at it, how will they do handling a checkbook, credit card balances, loans, calculate cd rates? Is that part of the financial problems people find themselves in especially those who overspend? We already see it with professional entertainment journalists who can't figure out the difference between 1980 and 2014.

We are all being hurt by this growing math illiteracy.

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