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Math problems....

Holy Shit!!! How do you geniuses manage to reconcile your numbers every f***ing day? It took me 2 days to do what you all do in a hot minute. After too many hours, I’m pretty sure I got the Math Problems right in the end.

I come equipped with other skills (so many!), but Math Magic is a skill I stand in AWE of when I think of you all. You’re so smart & number~y.

The proof of my Math Problem stupidity, summed up in too many tries with my calculator, is the peekture below. Just LOOK AT THIS SHIT!! Haaa!!! And these are only the Math Tries that I’m admitting to :)


It took a bajillion Math Tries to get the right sum. I’m still only KINDA sure that my math problems are true :)

Which is a way of me saying that I hold all of you Math Geniuses in my heart pocket...

HEY! xoxo

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