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Matika Wilbur's Photo Journey: Project 562

I should be knee-deep in homework, but instead I have something to show you.

Matika Wilbur, a Swinomish/Tulalip photographer, is on a mission – she intends to photograph members of all federally recognized tribal nations within the U.S. for Project 562. In her own words, her goal is to create a “comprehensive collection of character study portraits, of Native People from every tribe.” This means she will travel all over the lower-48, Alaska, and Hawai'i.


Instead of photographing Native Peoples as if they are some rare and mystical group dying-off, Wilbur is showing a People diverse, modern, and full of character and life. Her work is a celebration of Indigenous culture and pride, intended to combat negative and prevalent stereotypes.

I have to say, her work is quite stunning. I love portrait studies, and this is really a great one conceptually and aesthetically.


See more at her website, at Indian Country Today, and from NBC News. Her Kickstarter video can be found here.

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