Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Matt Damon must have started as a usenet troll in the 90s. What he said will just get stir fights in which no side will give an inch and those in between won’t care. Its like a person writing then DS9 vs B5 or Buffy vs Faith. The post will create hundreds of comments then clog the news feed for being the most popular post annoying all. Only to start up again when someone else decides to post Why Kirk/Picard is Better Then Kirk/Picard then you go through same poop storm clogging news feed and neither side giving an inch and annoying everyone with a clogged newsfeed. Then of course cycle will begin again weeks later.

Damon by saying Bourne is better then Bond is the 2016 version of the usenet troll. Neither side will give an inch and annoy everyone. How would he like someone saying Richard Chamberlein was a better Bourne?


No I am not answering since I am not a moron as Murray Goldberg would call me.

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