Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Maturity Problem

I am facebook stalking crazy exes (boyfriends, co-workers, and roommates) which is complicated by the fact that I unfriended them. So I'm like...pissed. If I had stayed in touch, I would be able to creepily read their whole profiles and all of their posts right now. But I would also have to see their shit in my feed everyday. Unfriending was the mature and reasonable thing to do, but now my internal 12 year old gossip hound wishes I hadn't.

One guy I had a monster crush on (for AGES) got married recently. Again, I discovered this by facebook stalking tonight. But I am not nearly as heartbroken about it as I thought I would be. So that made me feel slightly mature and not entirely crazy anyway.


Fingers crossed my paycheck comes tomorrow...need to buy a bus pass to get to work on Monday. Also buying cheese would be nice.

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