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MAUI!! Recs?

Oh hey, I can make my own posts now, I don’t have to derail/hijack/hope people see my comments when I have requests. Neat. This is a new and exciting experience.

SO. I’m planning a trip as a single person to Maui in the off season, September or October probably. Who’s been? Anything special I should know about the off season besides that everything is cheaper? Recs? It’s pretty safe there, right? I don’t have to worry about being a 30 year old woman alone on this adventure?

My current thoughts involve:

1. As much time in the ocean as I can manage. I have always been landlocked, I’ve visited the west coast a couple of times but I’ve never been IN the ocean and I wanna.


I think I will probably buy my own snorkeling equipment. I was thinking of potentially getting dive certified here locally before I go, but probably that’s a lot. I wanna look at the wildlife and reefs. There’s this Molokini tour on AirBnB I’m considering, in addition to spending lots of time at the beaches.

2. Food trucks!! I love food. Food suggestions? I wanna eat everything.

3. Transportation: rent a moped? I’ve read that a moped is plenty for puttering around the island, and it sounds like a nice cheap option


4. Lodging: I’m thinking AirBnB? But if you have good cheap recs gimme. I wanna stay around a week. Being right next to the ocean would be *~magical~*

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