Just like the man-babies who rend their undergarments at the notion of a strong woman in George Miller’s post-apocalyptic universe.

Everybody barks orders at Mad Max, dude. Max is a passive figure after the first movie. Did you not see the actual movies? Papagallo barked orders at Max, Gyro Captain barked orders at Max. Aunty Entity surely barked orders at Max. Remember “Raggedy Man?” Is it just when a woman does it that you get your fragile male ego engaged?

Anyone who feels that FEMINISM IS TAINTING MAD MAX hasn’t been paying attention for thirty years. There have always been badass killer women in this world. Those who can die by the sword have clearly discovered that they can mete out death too.


Did we really not pay attention enough to remember Tina Turner?


C’mon, people. Have at least a little awareness of the franchise you seek to critique. The first movie was gonzo, low-budget and just crazy enough to pique everyone’s interest. What we saw in the states was a weird dubbed version, with middle American voices standing in for Aussies because what? Accents were too weird?

The second was very close to the Platonic ideal of a perfect action movie. You could teach a film class on the diamond-honed perfection of The Road Warrior. And I’m sure people have.


The third was kind of a silly, overwrought mess, but it had its moments.

The new one, I’m told, is pretty damn good. I’ll be curious to see.