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Maxi Dress Confusion

Maxi dresses are amazing. You get to wear a dress, but you also don't need to shave your legs. The likelihood of people seeing your underwear is significantly diminished. They somehow have the miraculous quality of actually making you appear taller.

My current fave, the Rebecca to Basic dress from Modcloth. Sadly it's no longer available.


I have a maxi dress problem. I am the proud owner of three maxi dresses. They are knit fabric, very casual. Almost every single time I wear them someone (usually a man, but sometimes women too) ask me things like "Why are you so dressed up" "Are you going to a formal event after this?" ETC.

WTF people. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong? I usually wear them with flip flops, no make up and no jewelry or other accessories so it's not like I'm dressing them up!

The most recent was a lovely pink one I got at Target on clearance for $1.86. IT IS NOT FORMAL WEAR PEOPLE.

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