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May They Get Boils on Their Asses for Their Inaction

Seriously, the fucking St. Louis County police can suck on an egg. A rotten one. With poop on it.

My birth control prescription is up, I need to get my pill. Obviously the pharmacy will be closed Sunday. Tomorrow Target (where I fill it) is going to be nuts. So I got off work early today, figured I would get it tonight.

Thanks to I-55 and South County Mall traffic, the Target I get it at is so backed up that it is taking more than 3 hours to get out of the parking lot. It shares a lot with Costco and a few other stores.


I walked 4 miles home in 35 degree weather in the dark IN THE RAIN because goddamn police won’t send out a fucking traffic cop*. So many people in the lot called that dispatch told them to stop calling. The manager I talked with at Target (super nice guy, very upset about it too, even though it’s nothing they can control) told me the police told him to stop calling and that all the cops were busy. People were waiting 90 minutes to move 200 feet. People are going to run out of gas and make this worse. Hopefully no one has a medical emergency.

BUSY DOING WHAT?!!! There were no accidents in South County tonight. The weather isn’t icy. No murder sprees or terrorist attacks.

I called and spoke to dispatch, because quite frankly I give ZERO fucks if they told people to stop calling.

Dispatch: “Police”

Me: “Hello?”

Dispatch: “Police”

Me: “Hi the Target parking lot at Lindbergh and 55 is horrible and dangerously full. Can you send a traffic cop to clear it up?”


Dispatch: “We are aware of the situation.”

Me: “Does that mean there is action planned?”

Dispatch: “We are aware of the situation.”

Me: “Does that awareness include sending someone to help direct traffic?”

Dispatch: “There is no intention to send anyone.”

Me: “This is why people don’t like cops. Have an excellent night.” and then I hung up.


*they used to send traffic cops for holiday shopping like this

I guess they figure it’s better to try to make some money of traffic stops than actually be useful.

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