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Update: Yes :) I’ll go first on April 3rd. brightersideoflife will go second on the 10th. HoneyHeart goes next, on the 17th!!!

I’ve been thinking about having a weekly thread, kinda like Fur Face Friday, for Sunday Supper. We have soooo many good cooks here on Groupthink and I, personally, have taken so much inspiration from all the food posts over the years. Should we make it a recurring post? Sign up weekly to host? Give out internet prizes? Food fisticuffs?

It would never replace the spontaneous “look what I made!” or “what’s for dinner?” posts that we love. NEVER!!! Just a designated day to save up our food joy to post for everyone as we go about our lives the rest of the week, when we sometimes can’t participate in day to day GT. Some of us can only talk food on the weekend :)


I’ve done a few Sunday Supper (always titled “what’s cookin’”) posts sporadically and it always seems like we want to share as a community. And there is always much deliciousness in the comments. We’ve all enjoyed the general, “What’s for Dinner?” posts, too :)

I’m thinking more of a weekly round~up of what we cooked & what we plan, have a recipe or need a recipe, with a pinch of competition, like Fur Face Friday. Sign~ups to host. Thoughts?

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