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UPDATE: So my eggo is preggo. It’s still early days at 9 weeks and some days. Thanks for all of the love and advice, GT!

Hello wise ones,

How badly can one fuck up a home pregnancy test? I know I am two weeks late, and decided to test myself yesterday. Four tests and all points to positive. I’ve read up on false positives, but can we have that many?

Just for fun, here’s the summary of all four tests:

Wed 12 Oct
1. Predictor’s Femtest was the first one I did in the afternoon at work (pink dye). Peed on it for and waited for 5min... it turned positive at the 3min mark.

2. Clearblue digital test, dipped stick into cup of pee. Screen says “pregnant, 3+”.

3. Clearblue pregnancy test (blue dye), used the same pee as test #2. Positive marker appeared in a few min.

Thu 13 Oct
1. Clearblue digital test, dipped stick into a cup of AM pee. Screen says “pregnant, 3+”.


I have been on BCP for the last seven years, and in a committed relationship for two. Health-wise, I’ve been steady at 60kg for the last year but my body has changed, so much so that my favourite work dresses are no-go, i.e. tight around the chest and belly. Some of the weight gain could probably be attributed to daily stresses, and laziness (on account of being in a comfortble romantic relationship).

I’ve been going to hot yoga for exercise for the past 1.5 months, but have stopped for the week as I read that it’s not adviced for pregnancies. I guess the complication for me now is to find out if I’m just getting fatter or if I’m pregnant.


Two friends have said I could go get checked, but one says that blood test for pregnancies is usually done at 10 - 12 weeks (in the country I’m in). So maybe I just have to wait a little while longer. :(

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