So I've mentioned here before that I'm moving internationally in August. I got a set of awesome renters for my house, they signed the lease last night, and they're moving in on Saturday.

Which means I need to be moved out by Friday. A bunch of things have fallen through — there was a death in the family, which means certain things are not taken care of right now, and now there's no place for the dogs (mine and my mothers) to go, I need to couch surf with some relatives, which is awkward, especially because my mom will be with us and she doesn't get along with her siblings, who are the people hosting us. And the house somehow still has a ton of shit in it and I am still working full time.

I just totally gave up and hired some movers to come move my massive couch out to the curb. I just can't even deal and its one thing off my list. Oh, shit, and I need to call now to make sure the township comes and picks that piece of crap up tomorrow.

Someone send help.

Update: Township isn't picking up bulk trash this week because of the holiday. Fuck me.