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Maybe getting some new ink?

(Not getting this design, but this is the location I'm considering.)

Sooooo......I've been wanting a back-of-the-neck tattoo for a long time and am finally thinking seriously about it. I'd love to know your-all's experiences with this.


Some background: I have one tattoo already, on my inner forearm. The pain level while I was getting it was maybe a 5 (out of 10) while the needle was on, stopped immediately when he stopped, and didn't hurt at all afterward. The aftercare I was advised to do was totally minimal - don't put anything on (no A&D, no bacitracin, nothing), wash with mild soap, keep it out of the sun, generally leave it alone. It healed BEAUTIFULLY and I love it. The big bonus was I got it as a surprise for my husband and he went wild for it - he pretty much dragged me to the bedroom as soon as he saw it and, um, yeah.

I guess I'm pretty good with pain tolerance, having had babies both with and without anesthesia and lived to tell the tale. However, I would like to know if people have found getting ink on this area to be excruciating? If so, I may re-think it, or at least be prepared for it. Also, is the healing process a pain (in the neck!!) because it'll come in contact with every single shirt I'll wear?

And, not to sound bitchy and all, but I'd appreciate it if people who aren't into tattoos maybe decline to comment here. I'd rather this not turn into a "are tattoos gross or not?" conversation. I'm 50 years old and am quite comfortable deciding whether or not to have something permanently inked in to my skin.


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