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Welcome To The Bitchery

Maybe If Deplorables Listened To Navarro They Would Lose Deplorable Status

I always have and always shall disagree with Navarro on politics. You know what she has always been right about Trump this is about who we are. Tump is a threat to who we are along with being a security threat and unfit.

If republicans listened and not tell her to be quiet they would be in better place. We would still detest republicans but republicans like the Bushes and many others know you do not give strength to our darkest aspects ie racism nor thinking Putin is an ok guy. Even W knew feeding off of Islamphobia would have been easy but he resisted. Even W understood being partners with Mexico was a good idea and having comprehensive immigration solution was in our best interests this though is probably killed his legacy. Trump gave strength to our darkest aspects and there were just enough to win.


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